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Ocular Pulse Amplitude in Primary Open-angle Glaucoma Patients on Uno-prostone and Latanoprost

1Mollenhauer K., 1Schmidt K.-G., 2Gouveia S. M., 2Casson R. G., 1Pillunat L. E.,
1Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus, Klinik und Poliklinik für Augenheilkunde (Dresden)
2Universitätsklinik Oxford, Augenklinik (Oxford)

Purpose: Changes in ocular perfusion (reduced ocular pulse amplitude (OPA), a measure of choroidal perfusion) are associated with progression of primary open angle glaucoma (POAG). The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of topical application of unoprostone (UIOS) or latanoprost (LOS) on OPA and IOP in POAG patients.
Methods: UIOS or LOS were administered as an adjunct to timolol to eyes of twenty-three POAG patients. OPA and IOP were measured by the ocular blood flow system (OBF Ltd. Langham) and certain systemic perfusion parameters determined. Measurements were made before treatment and four weeks following treatment with UIOS or LOS.
Results: Values represent mean ± SD when compared to pretreatment values OPA (mmHg) was significantly (p=0.001) decreased in LOS (2.20±0.37 / 2.03±0.34, -7.7%) but not significantly (p=0.062) affected in UIOS (2.13±0.38 / 2.20±0.40, +3.2%) treated eyes. IOP was sig. (p<0.001) reduced by LOS (22.3±1.1 / 18.0±2.2, -19.3%) and UIOS (23.0±1.2 / 19.6±1.9, -14.8%). Neiher drug regime significantly affected the systemic perfusion parameters.
Conclusions: LOS significantly reduced the OPA and IOP. However, UIOS, showed a slightly OPA incresing effect and compared to LOS a less IOP lowering effect. The systemic Parameters were not significantly changed.