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Ocular Manifestations of Graft versus Host Disease Following Bone-marrow Transplantation

1Haka B., 2Müller-Molaian I., 1Palmowski A., 2Püschel W., 1Ruprecht K. W.,
1Universitätskliniken des Saarlandes, Augenklinik und Poliklinik (Homburg/Saar)
2Universitätskliniken des Saarlandes, Institut für Pathologie (Homburg/Saar)

Graft versus Host Disease (GvHD) is a common complication after bone marrow transplantation. Ocular symptoms often consist of chronic keratoconjunctivitis and another complication in all compartments of eye.
Case report: Over a period of 3 months 4 GvHD patients presented with chronic keratoconjunctivitis and subtarsal scarring. One patient showed a minor keratitis. Three patients were in a poor state of general health and showed hyperpigmentation and atrophy of the skin. All patients developed conjunctival chemosis. In one patient the kerathopathy consisted of epithelial defects as well as a stromal infiltrate. Another patient developed a corneal melting syndrome with a marked keratitis on histopathology. The third presented a corneal graft rejection associated with an epithelial defect. The histology showed pathological corneal epithelium, inflammatory cells, focal loss of bowman’s membrane and endothelium, associated with a corneal graft rejection.
Therapy: The local therapy for minor keratitis consisted of tear substitution and punctum plugs. Corneal infiltrates profited from local Ciclosporin A therapy. The corneal defects in the patients with the graft rejection improved by using a therapeutic contact-lens. A keratoplasty a chaud was performed in the eye with corneal melting syndrome.
Conclusions: Usually severe ocular complications are associated with severe systemic GvHD and result in a higher patient mortality. Interdisciplinary cooperation between ophthalmologists, internists and pathologists is highly recommended.