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Long-term Results of Using Occluder Contact Lenses in the Treatment of Amblyopia

El-Bably I.,
Alexandria University, Faculty of Medicine, Ophthalmology Department (Alexandria)

Purpose: Full-time occlusion of the preferred eye is the most effective method for treating strabismic amblyopia. Many difficulties arise from the use of occlusion eye patches such as allergic reactions of the skin and incompliance. This study aims at evaluation of efficacy and safety of occlusion extended-wear soft contact lenses as a substitute to eye patches.
Method: 20 patients with strabismic amblyopia, aged 5 to 9 years were included in the study. Twenty patients used the opaque extended-wear contact lenses to the sound eye for a period that differed according to the age of the patient and depth of amblyopia. All patients were followed up and assessed for improvement of visual acuity in the amblyopic eye as well as the condition of the other eye and also for possible complications.
Results: 85% of strabismic eyes using occluder contact lenses improved at least one line of visual acuity after 2 years follow up period.Complications included contact lens irritation.
Conclusions: Provided that anterior segment complications of occluder contact lenses are watched and managed carefully, these contact lensescan be an excellent substitute for untolerated eye patches used to treat strabismic amblyopia.