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Results of selective Betoptic -S Treatment of Initial Open-angle Glaucoma

Biryeh T.,
Weißrussische Staatliche Medizinische Universität (Minsk)

Materials and methods: The objective of the investigation was to study the influence of Betoptic-S in stabilization of the glaucomatous process with patients newly-diagnosed for primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG). 21 patient with IOG, aged 36-76 yrs (10 males, 11 females) were under our observation. Initial stage was diagnosed in 18 eyes, developed stage - in 20, far-advanced stage - in 4 eyes. Compensational level of intraocular pressure (IOP) was diagnosed with 9 patients, subcompensation - with 10 patients, noncompensated IOP - with 2 patients. On diagnosing glaucoma, the patients were prescribed instillations of Betoptic-S 25% twice a day. The term of the research covered 6 months.
Results and discussion: The Betoptic -S instillation resulted in lowering IOP by an average of 3,6 mm Hg in majority of the patients (Po average was 24,0 ± 0,73 mm Hg before the treatment and 20,4 ± 0,58 mm Hg after the treatment). Though, compensation of IOP (Po>30,0 mm) was not achieved with 3 patients despite additional instillations of pilocarpin 1% 3 time a day. 2 of the patients were recommended surgical treatment, and one-laser therapy. Thus, our investigation has shown that decrease of IOP with patients treated with Betoptic-S was achieved solely due to depression of the aqueous humor secretion by 0,94 mm3/min (34,6% of the initial level) on the average. The peripheral visual field and the central visual field were examined with 12 patients (24 eyes).
Summary: The analysis of the functional status of the visual field verified increase of total average lightsensitivity of the retina and of the total average values in the nasal quadrants of the peripheral visual field of the patients treated with Betoptic-S. The obtained results verify decrease of the total number of defects in the peripheral visual field as well as decrease of the total number of defects and that of their depths and area in the central visual field. The attained effect of stabilization and improvement of the functional status of the visual field (decrease of IOP and, consequently, stabilization of the glaucoma process with most of the patients testifies to doubtless improvement of the ganglious cells status and neurons of the optical nerve and to the neuroprotecting activity of the preparation used.