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Results of Filtering Operations with and without Vascularizing the Chorioidea of the Eye at Low Pressure Glaucoma

Navumenka V.,
Belorussian State Medical University, Department of Ophthalmology (Minsk)

Purpose: Glaucoma and its complications still remain reasonable grounds for filtering operations. Different surgery methods were proposed to avoid such consequences of glaucoma as blindness of patients suffering low-tension glaucoma.
Method: 15 cases of glaucoma within classical sinusotrabecelectomia with revascularizng of eye chorioidea were investigated. In all the cases the intraocular tension was 19.6 mm of mercury column, average tolerant intraocular tension was 14.06 mm of mercury column . Average tolerant intraocular tension was determined by a glicerascorbat test.
Results: classical sinusotrabecelectomia was performed on 9 eyes and average tolerant intraocular tension was attained in all the cases. An average lightness flow-off ratio was that of 0.10 mm³/min mm of mercury column. Within a month after the operation this ratio was 0.15 mm³/min mm of mercury column. Within 12 month after the operation an average lightness flow-off ratio was that of 0.17 mm³/min mm of mercury column. In 97 % of post-operational cases the improvement of the field of vision was noticed. The sharpness of vision didn't change. These results were statistically proved(p,0.001). Filtering operations didn't influence the production of chamber moisture. That is why after performing classical sinusotrabecelectomia on 6 eyes revasculization of an eye chorioidea with a patch of conjunctive was performed. An average chamber moisture ratio was that of o.68 mm³/min before operation. In a month the ratio was 0,89 mm³/min mm, within a year it was 1.66 mm³/min mm (p<0.001).
Conclusions: The methods given here are a new step in post-operational improvement of a glaucoma-effected eye by increasing its chamber moisture production. The obtained results of surgical low-tension treatment prove the effectiveness of this method.